Year: 2014 | Month: June | Volume 4 | Issue 1

ICT-Based Education: A Paradigm shift in India

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Information and Communication Technologies are today playing a very important role in transforming the mode of imparting education. Education at all levels has been significantly impacted by the tremendous innovations in ICT especially in the field of telecommunications and multimedia applications. A few decades ago, technological devices like radio, television, film strips, OHP, audio and video cassettes were used to make teaching effective and enhance learning. But now a days, teaching and learning has been enhanced by a vast array of ICT based technologies in the form of interactive radio, teleconferencing, web based and satellite based services. ICT provides opportunities to access an abundance of information using multiple information resources and viewing information from multiple perspectives, thus fostering the authenticity of learning environments. The world in which we live is changing rapidly and the field of education is experiencing these changes in particular as it applies to media services. The old days of an educational institution having an isolated audio-visual department are long gone! The growth in use of multimedia within the education sector has accelerated in recent years and looks set for continued expression in the future. The present paper focuses on integration of ICTs in educational system in India and highlights on present educational scenario. This paper is an attempt to draw attention on policies implementation regarding ICT integration and effectiveness of teaching-learning environment.

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