Year: 2019 | Month: June | Volume 9 | Issue 1

Research in Education: A Special Account of Qualitative Approach

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Researches in the discipline of education utilize the methods of behavioural sciences and social sciences. Yet some researches take the advantage of the methods of humanities, the methods which are based on the phenomenological paradigm. Two types of research emerge: one, quantitative and two, qualitative. Quantitative research is based on logical positivism whereas qualitative research is based on the phenomenological paradigm. The qualitative research emerged in 1970s. The subjective experiences are the most important and necessary part for this research. It aims at providing very thorough and detailed description of persons’ experience. In qualitative research, data collection is done in natural setting and the research follows an inductive and holistic approach. The process of the research is emergent where the role of the researcher is very important. Sometimes, triangulation is also done to assure completeness of findings or to confirm findings. The content analysis is most suitably utilized. The present paper is an outcome of library study.

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