Year: 2018 | Month: December | Volume 8 | Issue 2

Need of Value Oriented Education

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Values are affectively-laden thoughts about objects, ideas, behavior, etc. that guide behavior, but do not necessarily require it. We are covering values as part of the affective system. However, once they are developed they provide an important filter for selecting input and connecting thoughts and feelings to action and thus could also be included in a discussion of the regulatory system. Value Education refers to planned educational actions aimed at the development of proper attitudes, values, emotions and behavior patterns of the learners. Value Education is the education that is concerned with the transformation of an individual’s personality. Education for peace and for a culture of peace is being globally accepted and adopted by the nations, and more so by the education systems worldwide. The implications and imperatives need to be understood in right perspectives. In India, the social cohesion, adherence to moral and ethical values and commitment to the society have been the hallmarks of socio-cultural ethos. The need to sustain this ethos in the emerging context has been highlighted in the reports of various committees and commissions on education.

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